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Why is it tricky for me to reschedule appointments with the nurse?

City of Casey is the fastest growing corridor in Victoria and our Maternal and Child Health Service is currently receiving over 5100 birth notices a year. We do the best we can to cater for this growth with limited funding available to the service.

Our nurses' diaries fill up very quickly and we try our best to provide appointments at the most convenient time and place for you. We will always try to get you an appointment with the nurse you request, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee it.


What should I do if I need help from a nurse during the time between now and my next appointment?

You can call the MCH central booking number on (03) 9705 5590and book an additional appointment. If you need to speak to a nurse, we can arrange a callback.


What happens if I don't 'click' with my nurse?

You can call the MCH central booking number on (03) 9705 5590 and request to see a different nurse for your next appointment.

Last Updated : 8 months ago


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